Take a look at the wide variety of neck gaiters we off here at Blackfoot River Outfitters.  These things are incredibly handy to have when you torch your neck, nose and ears on the first day of a week long fishing trip, or to prevent that sunburn in the first place!

8 products found in Neck Gaiters & Masks

MFC Fish Gaiter
  • $15.95
Black Strap Daily Tube Neck Gaiter- Custom BRO Logo
  • $19.95
Black Strap Daily Tube Neck Gaiter
  • $19.95
Fishewear Neck Tube
  • $35.00
Simms Neck Gaiter
  • $19.95
RepYourWater FishMask
  • $22.00
RepYourWater Thermal Tube-Rainbow
  • $32.00
Black Strap Daily Tube Kids Size
  • $18.99